The INKtastic Advantage

Best Print Quality

At INKtastic we use the very best print on demand equipment in the industry to ensure reliable quality prints for each and every order. Many of our competitors cut costs and sacrifice quality. The result is many of our competitors can't print white ink on light color fabric, prints on dark color fabric leave visible pretreatment that must be washed out before worn. Thanks to our state of the art printers, these are not issues at INKtastic.

Low Everyday Price

Our everyday prices on our most popular products are considerably lower than the retail prices from our largest national competitors. Here are a few examples using our two largest print on demand competitors.

ProductINKtasticNational Competitor "C"National Competitor "Z"
Adult White T-Shirt$10.99$26.00$14.95
Adult White Jersey T-Shirt$17.99N/A$22.99
Adult Black T-Shirt$17.99$30.00$23.95
White Infant Creeper$10.99$17.50$15.95
Black Infant Creeper$17.99NAN/A

Easy Volume Discounts

Buy more and save with our easy volume discounts.